GyanAR - 3D Learning

GyanAR is an experiential learning platform that employs 3D learning experience with Augmented Reality. It has the power of 3D with AR in teaching concepts by taking you closer to reality. The learning experience in the virtual world is fun filled and intuitive. GyanAR augments your learning ability resulting in accelerated learning and improved cognitive skills.

GyanAR Human Anatomy

GyanAR Human Anatomy helps you to understand complex system with the help of Augmented Reality (AR). Different organs explained in 3D to give a realistic viewing experience and enhances your understanding about the human anatomy.

GyanAR Solar System

Our solar system is an exciting neighborhood. GyanAR Solar System helps you to explore this using 3D Augmented Reality (AR).

GyanAR Periodic Table

Periodic Table is considered as a master piece of organized chemical information. GyanAR 3D Periodic Tables adds more potency to this tool with the help of Augmented Reality (AR)